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Showing God's love to mums and their babies

How a Yorkshire church met a need among new mothers in its community

YBA 1Eighteen months ago South Ossett Baptist Church in West Yorkshire employed a family and children's worker to support the families in the surrounding area - Tracy Shields.

Tracy takes up the story: 'The first thing we did was open a community cafe to try to establish what was needed. The Early Years Hub contacted us at the same time looking for a venue to run their baby-weighing service.

'We quickly married the two together and what a joy it is to show God's love to mums and their babies at such an important stage in their lives.

'We have a regular attendance of over 20 parents/carers and their babies and older children. Some call in only when they want to weigh their babies but we have seen many come every week and form much needed networks with other mums. 

'We are always on hand to nurse babies to give mum a break but the most wonderful thing is seeing a sleep-deprived mum walk in and be given an individual tray, teapot or cafetiere and watch her face as she is offered this small luxury. This one act of extravagance alone allows us to share the love of God and recognise what an amazing job she is doing raising a new life.

YBA 2'Because the group had a meeting just two days before Christmas Day we held a mini Christingle service within the cafe which was attended by over 20 families. What a great morning it was!        

'Recently we have started to run monthly on a Saturday morning predominantly for working families as we realised how much of an impact returning to work had on staying connected with other families. We will keep you posted as to how this venture works.

'Above this we continue to seek God for His plans for our small fellowship and to share His love with those we get the pleasure of serving.'

This story first appeared on the website of the Yorkshire Baptist Association and is republished with permission

Baptist Times, 21/02/2017
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