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Welcome to the Small Churches area of the website!

In our Union of around 2000 churches, approximately 1000 have under 40 people.  These are the stats, and numbers can dominate our thinking if we are not careful.  But it’s not about numbers - it’s about churches being healthy and effective!  Our job, the Great Commission in Matthew 28, is to go and make disciples, baptise them and teach them to make disciples.  This has no size limit!

People in the UK are moving all the time and all churches are affected by this.  The question is not ‘How many people are in church on Sundays?’ but ‘When was the last time someone came to faith?  When was the last baptism?’  That is a measure of health, no matter what size the church is.  People are coming to faith in small churches.

We want small churches to keep reaching people for Jesus.  To be dynamic and healthy now, not wait until they are bigger.  It’s about using our time, energy and resources to be more effective now.  Church growth is about getting better not just getting bigger.

Hilary Taylor is the Small Church Enabler for the LBA and heads up the ‘Small Church Connexion’.  The purpose of the Connexion is to provide a unique and supportive network within the LBA for churches with 40 people or less.  The team has a heart and a passion for the health, well-being and growth of the smaller churches across London.  The idea of this area of our website is to support and resource all the smaller Baptist churches across the UK.

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Smaller Churches Networks

Welcome to the area of our website especially for smaller churches.

A high percentage of Christians across the UK experience this valid expression of God’s Kingdom every Sunday in congregations with 40 people or less.  Out of 2000 Baptist churches, approximately half of them are churches of this size.

In this new area will be stories from around our Union to inspire, empathise and encourage. There will be resources to try and links to various websites to help churches in their mission to reach people for Christ.  There will be articles and ideas for leaders, deacons, secretaries and treasurers.  Areas of church life such as worship, discipleship, ministry and mission will be explored as well as practical issues such as buildings, safeguarding and data protection.  Many smaller churches are reaching their community in creative ways which will be shared here.

Hilary Taylor is the Small Church Enabler for the London Baptist Association (LBA).  Click here to find out more about her work.

Hilary shared her insights and reflections with our Baptist Steering Group (BSG) and All Team Leaders at their meeting in April 2018.

Latest reports and stories:

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