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Reaching the millennial generation

Looking to reach and disciple those in the millennial generation? Freedom in Christ Ministries has a special heart for this age group, having created the acclaimed Disciple course. It recently hosted one of its new Discipleship Challenge workshops at The Well, a Baptist church plant in Sheffield.

Jess Regnart of Freedom in Christ Ministries, and Marjorie Allan of The Well explain more

Discipleship challenge

Jess Regnart 

It was wonderful to come to The Well and run a discipleship challenge workshop. It's always a privilege and a joy to spend the day with a church who are so passionate and focused to share Jesus with the next generation. We were greeted with the warmest of welcomes and spoilt with excellent hospitality, and an eager group of delegates for the day, who engaged really deeply with the workshop.

These events are key equipping for the church at the moment. Young adults are often called the "missing generation" in our churches. 65 per cent of them are completely unchurched and a quarter of them believe that Jesus is a fictional character. The problem has got so bad that 96 per cent of church leaders say that reaching them and discipling them is one of their top level priorities for ministry and mission, yet only 11 per cent believe they have the understanding and resources to do it.

These events aim is to change that. This generation isn't lost without hope, they are searching and hungry for authentic spirituality and go all out for God when they see Him as He really is - this is a discipleship challenge which can be overcome!

Over the day we look at the huge change in culture that has taken place and outline the trends that explain why young adults are often rejecting the church. We also unpack the way that this generation communicates and receives information and explain how to adjust in order to communicate effectively and relevantly.

And finally we look at Freedom in Christ's discipleship strategy and tools for reaching and discipling this generation and how you can help them step into their true identity as active disciples of Jesus so that they find, keep and share their faith.

Marjorie Allan

The millennial generation are known as the missing generation of the church, yet they are very spiritually hungry. The Well Sheffield, a new church plant in the city centre, is currently seeing many of this unchurched generation turn to God each week.

It was great to recently host the Discipleship Challenge training at The Well and to be currently running the Disciple course. We want to understand our culture and this generation, what they value and how they think in order to be able to best reach them and disciple them. We really value our partnership with Freedom in Christ ministries as identity is central to who we are as a church.

The church in Britain today faces a huge challenge of now reaching out to a completely unchurched generation, but there are many encouraging signs and we want to be part of what God is doing.

Find out more about the Discipleship Challenge workshops here.

Disciple - the discipleship course for those in their 20s and 30s

Baptist Times, 27/05/2018
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