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Opinions/reflections - July - December 2019

Baptist minister Ross Dilnot suffered life-changing injuries in 2016. He's now an Air Ambulance Service chaplain
A book written some 550–600 years before Christ has much to say to the postmodern, post-truth times we live in today
A reflection by Gale Richards on the recent Baptist International Conference on Theological Education
Ali Taylor was invited to create a mosaic at the recent Baptist International Conference on Theological Education
The church can support some of the most vulnerable in society by joining the campaign for tax justice
What are we, as followers of Jesus, to make of the horrible passages of the Bible? A reflection on Judges 19
Is deconstruction back sliding? My faith has been strengthened by questioning the assumptions I grew up with
Faith offers some practical and ancient medications which help to treat the global outbreak of consumeritis
Former Christian counsellor and school nurse Mary Weeks Millard focuses on a troubled teenager in her latest novel
Jesus is in the business of re-igniting the stuttering candle, not pressing his thumb on it. Are we?
September is a good time to consider the deeper change God longs for in our churches, writes Trevor Neill
One way a language teacher can serve God is by challenging the underlying consumerist messages in their text books
Retired Baptist minister Joe Story explains why he's set up an alternative publishing house - with several books on baptism
Why I am cynical about the approach of modern worship, writes Baptist minister Michael Shaw
Stigma has been reduced but the dread surrounding dementia is still high. The biggest hope, and the biggest myth-buster, is having accurate information and acting on it, writes Louise Morse
Social justice and deliverance ministry in the Baptist church. The need is growing, writes Jayne Irlam
Christians are not immune to the pressure of never being or having enough. How do we re-establish our identity in God’s love?
Text of the address given by Andy Goodliff, the 'token man' at the 5 October event celebrating 100 years of ordaining women to Baptist ministry
On climate change, the church should be the voice calling from the wilderness, writes Michael Shaw. We need to be bolder
The desire to measure and value everything in monetary terms always tends to dehumanisation. As people of a gracious God surely we know that the most important things in life are free?
There were few Baptist voices at Extinction Rebellion. As Baptists, have we lost our non-conformist and dissenting roots, asks Michael Shaw?
Rescue brings its own culture and identity challenges, which are explored in a new novel set in post-war Britain
Across the world vulnerability is being exploited - with sometimes devastating consequences, writes Dan Pratt
Baptist minister Richard Littledale introduces his series of short, candid thoughts and reflections from his own experience of widowhood
Challenged to write a modern day psalm, Jonathan Brewer of South Wales Baptist College employed the language and ideas of a technological generation
The passage in the Book of Lamentations that every Christian should know. By Colin Sedgwick
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