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Opinions/Reflections January - June 2014


As people make resolutions for 2014, Heather Skull is nervously making a different sort of choice...
My son has a behavioural condition which hinders his ability to communicate. Despite this, I know I've been blessed
If we are truly going to share the truth with our children, we’ll need to ask some hard questions of ourselves first
You want to pray, but have nothing left to give. Simply focusing on God’s word is one response
There are times when it seems that God has stopped listening to our prayers. Do we persevere... or turn away?
In May I have to leave the church and area to which I feel a sense of call. Moving on doesn't seem right
'An atmosphere where being a "Charismatic Baptist" is celebrated and not just tolerated'
'Tax evasion is a violation of the citizenship that belongs to God' - Christian Aid publishes resources on tax dodging
Andy Glover outlines the role and purpose of the pilot missional community at Hoole Baptist Church in Chester
How do we, as parents and church, model the gospel call of welcoming the stranger in a world that's fearful of them?
Beginning a new role with government targets and an empty diary, Sally Claydon poured out her heart to God...
Ahead of Education Sunday the Baptist Education Group highlights the importance of connecting with schools
What happens when you're in a small church and one of your key members has to take a step back?
Can we become entrenched in our positions, particularly with regard to children and the church?
We can be all too quick to blame others for misfortune. Have we forgotten the Second Commandment?
And how the story of Jesus’s temptations helps us today. By John Rackley
The unexpected death of his sister led Andy Percey to explore the presence of God in the darkness of suffering
As he retires from full-time stipendiary ministry, Paul Beasley-Murray reflects on the keys to that ministry
It's coming to the UK in autumn 2015 - can the church engage its local community as it did around the Olympics?
How Kingswood Baptist Church has been working through what it means to be intergenerational
A familiar phrase so easy to gloss over, yet indicative of a worsening reality – what can I do about climate change?
Asking some questions about the appropriateness of the church doing "Mother's Day"
Stuck in a rut? Sometimes change can be tough but the effects can also be remarkable
Israel Olofinjana is pleasantly surprised by a Channel 4 documentary on West African Pentecostal Churches
I know what needs to be done, but how can my church respond? Why we are praying that God sends key people
"John seems to be saying that we’ve got to read Jesus from the end, not the beginning."
They don't simply show that Jesus rose from the dead, but the nature of the relationship we can all have with him
"A time when to refuse common sense is more important... a time to empty self as did their Lord"
In a world filled with darkness, we should take opportunities to spread light and purvey some good news...
Struck by negative portrayals of Romania as it became a full EU member, Phil Jump reflects on kingdom values
Ministry in the inner city is challenging, which is why we need more pragmatists like Adam Smallbone
Is God really in the unexpected places …like horror films?
21st century Britain is all about me, me, me. But surely God deserves our time and love more than we do?
It's welcome that some Nigerian church leaders have spoken out, but I wish more would, writes Israel Olofinjana
Seun Kolade takes a fresh look at the challenges facing Christians today, and the call to be bold in the face of them
It was a privilege to minister to the children: our heart is that one day all will appreciate the ministry each child has
It is the time to celebrate the outer reaches of our human understanding of Christ, writes John Rackley
Worshipping doubters are called to see God and humanity with very different eyes to the world
Are we interacting with them as much as we can, asks Sally Claydon?
Pentecost Sunday is not only about ‘tongues of fire’ - it is also a time to see the work of the Spirit in the world
As she visits projects tackling gender-based violence in Zambia, Heather Skull reflects on how small the world can be
What if we really followed the example of Jesus?
Behind each person seeking shelter in a doorway is a human being loved by God - like my friend Suzy
Small churches can feel neglected - which is why I've set up a blog specifically dedicated to resourcing them
I cringed when a lady began to evangelise loudly on a packed bus. But what happened next raised some serious questions
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