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Opinions/Reflections January - June 2015 

There is much to learn from Simeon and how he lived a verse often recalled at the start of a new year
As the chimes of Big Ben fade away, Heather Skull reflects on the point of marking the New Year
Reflecting on the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the hijacking of faith
Many wrongs demand our attention, so where do we devote our time and energy?
It is not just that God’s justice is different from ours; our justice is different from ours, writes Stephen Holmes
What does it mean to place the needs and well-being of children at the very heart of our shared life?
The approach of Ecuadorian Baptists to church planting sets Michael Shaw thinking about how we go about it in the UK
How a battered and broken car is a reminder that love and grace can transform a sorry mess into something special
Could depression be a sign of a deeper connection to God?
Conversations in a pub, an arts cafe - Chris Duffett shares two examples of pioneering that are making a difference
Historic decision to allow women bishops a vital step in realigining church practices with scriptural teachings
In order to be an effective leader there is a vital lesson we must learn about where we build our leadership from
Whatever our anxieties, we are called to bring them before Jesus, writes Chris Willis
With Lent approaching John Rackley wonders about the significance of wild places for our spirituality and faith
Why do we allow ourselves to be dazzled and awestruck by numerical success - and discouraged by lack of it?
Paul Poulton explains how he couldn't get the first book of the Bible out of his head - and how it all ended up in print
Concluding his series on leadership, Darren Blaney looks at what a leader does
As someone who is easily distracted, Heather Skull looks at the positive side to going off the beaten track
We have become adept at holding people to account. But is there too much focus after the horse has bolted?
Shut-up evangelism: seeking out what God is already doing in someone’s life, rather than dispensing booklets and tracts
I think it boils down to three things, writes Colin Sedgwick
Politicians on all sides want to hear from us as the General Election approaches. What should we be saying?
Engagement in the political narratives of our day is not a distraction from our Gospel identity, but an expression of it
New series: John Rackley imagines a possible response of people intimately involved in the hours before Jesus' death
Continuing the series of reflections involving people intimately involved in the hours before Jesus' death
An unnecessary death - we would see it to its bitter end, and then wait to receive his body
A reflection on the political consequences of Jesus' life alongside our response to the current electioneering
How bizarre that I of all people should see a son of God on that cross – when no one else could.
Why could he go boldly to Pilate for the body of Jesus but not be equally courageous among his fellow believers?
The events of the last Israeli election are a wake-up call to the church, argues Azar Ajaj
Heather Skull looks at lies, spin and exaggeration. Where do we find truth?
He made it difficult for others; especially people like me. I tried to be a voice of calm in stormy times; but it was not easy.
Andrea Campanale reflects on a recent study of chaplaincy in the UK
Reflecting on when an area learns to live without a church. By Michael Shaw
Young people are not in church in the numbers they used to be, and atheism is growing. What can we do?
Black majority churches are growing significantly. Why? And how can other churches learn from them? By listening and reconnecting
Taking time out to reflect on why we do what we do as a church can be a challenging prospect. Three questions that might help us
Can Christian values help HR influence culture and make organisations good places to work in? By Dr Clive Morton OBE
European Baptist Federation General Secretary Tony Peck's thoughts on his visit to eastern Ukraine in April
Shaun Lambert offers a compelling explanation why Mindfulness should matter to Christians
Fruitful involvement with your local school stems from understanding its ethos and how you can help
The election results are not the final word, they are only the beginning: we need to remain engaged in the political situation of our country
They are theologically just as important - so why don't we invest as much energy into days such as Pentecost as we do Christmas and Easter?
The wind was getting up. By John Rackley
When our prayer life is going well it’s amazing. But what about when God seems silent?
Have we lost the concept of sacrifice in the context of worship?
Life in all its fullness matters. Heather Skull reflects on why everything happens for a purpose...
Prayer spaces enable children to explore life questions - and have had a greater impact than I could ever have imagined
Where, in the tussle between faith and family, do our ultimate priorities lie?
The Baptist Collaboration Facebook Group is three years old. Founder Peter Dominey reflects on its impact, and future online collaboration
The Papal encyclical is a most welcome contribution to the climate debate, writes John Weaver
The Bible has quite a lot to say about food, who has it and who hasn't. Its prophets would have been brilliant in our House of Commons
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