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Opinions/reflections - July - Dec 2020

With churches experiencing increases in online attendances during the pandemic, there has been talk of a new move of the Spirit. I'm not convinced, writes Michael Shaw - but here's the revival I'd like to see
Telling 100 inspirational stories of Baptists embracing adventure in the mission of God - Simon Goddard introduces the new Missional Adventure portal on our website
We are used to encouraging people to write their will. There is an even stronger case for getting them to write their eulogy
The virtual world can be a lifeline for those who would otherwise be excluded, writes Karen Golder, as she urges churches not to shut down their online presence at the end of this time
With congregational singing not allowed for the foreseeable future, Colin Sedgwick has a suggestion that could lead to a deeper understanding of our psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
Introducing Young Christian Climate Network, a new action-focused community of Christians in the UK aged 18-30, committed to following Jesus in the pursuit of climate justice
It is vital for Christians to understand dangerous mindsets if we are to engage in credible mission and discipleship, writes Mark Roques
A group of Baptist Messy Church leaders met recently via Zoom to reflect upon the experience and practice of sustaining Messy Church throughout lockdown. Sandra Crawford shares more
An old way of doing things is slipping out of sight, but the new way has not yet come into focus. Simon Jones offers this reflection to guide our thinking
The need to wait and listen: Baptist minister Claire Nicholls offers this reflection on recent months, and what happens next
We are moving into a new way of being church - missional listener Ben Lucas offers questions and waymarkers from his journey to help us reflect on our own contexts
A reflection on recent months based on Isaiah 43:18-19 from General Secretary Lynn Green
In the midst of a health pandemic and worldwide protests against racism, Baptist minister Tony Ashley reflects on what God could be possibly saying to us about these very fragile and uncertain times
A hopeful presence in a traumatised nation, but it needs to be able to listen as well as share, writes Sally Nelson
Tim Fergusson explains the thinking behind the new Continuing Ministerial Development resource being launched this autumn
In light of the Government's new Rule of Six, here's a look at some other famous Rules of Six, and how they might provide some encouragement to us today
September 13 to 21 is the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel. Cheryl Kipping shares insights from visiting the Holy Land and introduces EAPPI – the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel
Could you share your spare? Joe Walsh of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Leeds, explains why he has created the Faith in Operation initiative to encourage altruistic kidney donation
The Church needs to be much clearer that it is facing an insidious problem.
We face a haemorrhage of ministers, and people not coming forward for training, unless we tackle issues of prejudice in our Union, writes Andy Fitchet
It's easy to topple into self-pity at a time like this, writes Colin Sedgwick - but here's why it should be avoided
Reflections on how pastors can practise some sensible self-care in this most challenging of times
Hayley Young and Rich Blake-Lobb introduce the Anti-Racism Reflective Action group, formed to help Baptists set aside time to reflect with God and others about racial bias and how that is reflected in our ministry and mission
Are we following our dreams - or Jesus? By Michael Shaw
There are three things every church can do to support the mental wellbeing of their congregations, writes ThinkTwice founder Rachael Newham
The true nature of justice must be recognised by those shouting ‘black lives matter’ because the current trajectory is towards irreparable division, not only within Britain, but also within the Church, writes Floyd Davis
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