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Opinions/reflections July - December 2016 

Amid the increased racism unleashed by the EU referendum, Baptists are called to be truly multicultural and radically hospitable
'May every word we speak bring peace into being and may every action take us further from the Somme'
Political preaching, befriending a Baptist church in Europe - suggestions for how churches could face the challenges of the Referendum
In just one full month from mid-June to mid-July many major violent and terror related episodes have devastated our world.
Jesus tells his disciples to be among the poor, yet 2,000 years later all too often we are not. Some lateral thinking may help
Wherever we look in our world today we may find men and women of good will – we should thank God for them, and pray for them
Those in the refugee camps of Greece and elsewhere are made in the image of God: we are all one in Christ, called to give and receive
How much “agnosticism” should a Christian be happy to live with?
Church planting in Nigeria and challenged by climate change – General Secretary Lynn Green reports from the BWA Annual Gathering
The refugee crisis requires greater advocacy on the part of Baptists Together to ensure the protection of the refugees
Is God calling you to something new?
There are 750 unaccompanied children in the Calais Jungle. Surely more can be done to help these most vulnerable of people
The story of Naomi and Ruth is being lived by many women today – but with an uncertain ending
How the qualities on show in the Games relate to our church life
Yes, but there is a but, writes Colin Sedgwick. In fact, there are three of them
How do you go about finding "the" church when moving to a new area, city or village?
Andrew Ginn realised that age shouldn’t be the most important factor when it comes to structuring youth ministry
It's not something reserved for professional specialists; we can all play our part in offering welcome to children and young people, writes Lynn Green
We really shouldn’t underestimate the pressures the children and young people in our churches face
Spending time talking and especially listening to our family is rarely easy, but it’s a vital investment for the future, says Rob Parsons
In April this year Baptist minister Ross Dilnot was involved in an accident that would shatter part of his body. He describes its impact
Mike Pears, director of Urban Life, reflects on being a faithful presence on the Knowle West Estate in Bristol with others
How a Baptist church in Australia created an online congregation around the world
Reflections on Baptist identity were offered on each day of the 2016 annual council of the European Baptist Federation
Do you put off until tomorrow the things you should do today? Well, the Bible has something to say about that
Does Jesus want us to help those who are destitute – or something more?
Is Christianity complementary with yoga, martial arts, Hallowe'en, mindfulness and other alternative practices? A new book seeks to explore
How should Christians respond to the growing epidemic of mental ill health?
Reading this could seriously enrich your faith
How author KA Hitchins faced a life threatening condition - just as she was writing a novel about one
It’s always helpful to review what we do: it matters how we come across to the outsider
What are Christians called to do in the face of so much bad news?
This campaign season has been a buildup of pressure, resulting in an upheaval of hostility. So what do we do now?
A Baptist minister's reflection on Donald Trump's US presidential victory
What do I as a Christian make of this year's great political upheavals?
Unqualified, unlikely and unholy - but we need to give Donald Trump a clean slate.
We are living through turbulent times - and I fear the next few years will be darker still, writes Roy Searle
Don't tell me as a Christian I can't be angry, and just to pray. I can do both
The chaos when the Calais camp was dismantled is down to a lack of planning on the part of both British and French governments
Scriptures for reflection and prayer from the Fellowship of Baptists in Britain and Ireland in light of the challenging global situation
As we walk through Advent, don’t let ourselves be robbed of its enormous value by viewing it simply as ‘getting ready for Christmas’
The way some people treat me has made me more determined to talk about being HIV positive, writes a Baptist minister
The real Saint Nick was a wonderful man who loved Jesus and served him faithfully and bravely: we can and should redeem him
The whole business of gifts and talents can seem grossly unfair - but every Christian has received a gift from God. What are we doing with it?
Joy to the world? A reflection on making sense of this year's shocks
Why I belong to the Baptist Education Group - and why churches can engage with their local schools
Jo Cox, Brexit, Donald Trump, church decline - drawing lessons from an eventful year
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