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Session 6: Worldly Worship


[Click here to download the study group material, including a transcript of the video conversations, from our Resources Library.]

Bible verses:

Ezekiel 47: 1-12


God so loved the world, he sent his only son; the world is his creation and he is intimately concerned about it. Our worship of God, our encounter with him, should therefore overflow into all areas of life.  He is out there – and is waiting for us to join in.  Are we?

Watch the Video:

Click here to download this video in mpg, mp4 and wmv formats.


  • You have gathered together on a Sunday morning, or other time, to worship God.  In what ways does that affect the rest of the week?
  • Consider these phrases:
‘The service has ended, the worship now begins.’
‘The worship has ended, the service now begins.’

To what extent do you agree with these statements?  How do they apply to you?  In what ways would you say your life is an act of worship/service?
  • How has a life event altered your worship experience?  How has a worship experience altered your life?
  • “We don’t take God with us, God is there waiting for us.”  Describe how this is your experience.  How are you joining in?
  • Consider the phrase: “We need to pray for secular concerns, we need to pray for peace and justice, we need to pray for the world which isn’t resembling God’s kingdom.”  Are we doing that?  How does intercessory prayer of this nature affect the way we live?
Please share your reflections and feedback below.
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