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Session 3: What is Worship?


[Click here to download the study group material, including a transcript of the video conversations, from our Resources Library.]

Bible verses:

Deuteronomy 6:5, Psalm 100: 1-5 and John 4: 24


There are many aspects to worshipping God.  In this session Chris talks about communal worship – when the church or a group of believers have gathered in order to engage with God, the preparation that goes into it, and the importance of mixing things up.

Watch the Video:

Click here to download this video in mpg, mp4 and wmv formats.


  • What is your experience of the gathered, communal worship?  Do you always encounter God?  Does God always encounter you?
  • What works well?  When do you feel most engaged?  What are your frustrations?  Can you talk about when you last encountered God?
  • How do we, as individual Christians, prepare as worshippers?  Are we consumers or participants?  Do we expect to meet God?  In what ways do we allow our preferences or prejudices to distract us from engaging with God?
  • In light of this, how would you intend to prepare differently next time?
  • When talking about prayers, Chris comments: “The danger of wholly relying on spontaneity is that we go into a default position and the same themes, images and language occur time after time.”   Do you and/or your church have a blend of styles of prayer? How might you or your church’s prayer life be enriched?
Please share your reflections and feedback below.
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