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Session 2: A Lifetime of Discovery


[Click here to download the study group material, including a transcript of the video conversations, from our Resources Library.]

Bible verses:

Ephesians 3: 14-21


Exploring God will take a lifetime. As Chris begins to unpack the Higher, Deeper, Wider theme of his presidential year, he shares his restlessness to know more, to be closer to God, and his sense that he is still a beginner.  Though there is a realisation that we will never truly know God – at least here on earth – there is a great encouragement to keep searching and exploring.

Watch the Video:

Click here to download this video in mpg, mp4 and wmv formats.


  • Think back to when you first became a Christian.  What was it like?  Can you talk through the steps that led you to believe?  Where are you in your relationship with God today?
  • A hunger, a yearning, an appetite for more of God - all are spoken of in this clip.  Do you still feel this hunger for God?  If so, how do you feed your hunger?  If not, how do you recreate this hunger?
  • Has there been a period in your life when a hunger for God has been more intense than others?  What were the circumstances?
  • Chris describes the second half of Ephesians 3 as a well he often visits.  Which parts of the Bible do you often go to?  What do they say to you?
  • Chris also reveals how he still feels a beginner in his Christian life.  In what areas do you feel a beginner? In what areas do you feel you have arrived?
  • Look at verse 20: ‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.’  Christ is at work within in you.  Reflect on that.  Take a moment to dream.  What are you dreaming?
Please share your reflections and feedback below.
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