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Session 5: Giving your All


[Click here to download the study group material, including a transcript of the video conversations, from our Resources Library.]

Bible verses:

Deuteronomy 6:5, Romans 12: 1-2 and Hebrews 5: 13-14


There are many aspects to worship, but it ultimately comes down to our relationship with God.  We all have different ways of approaching God and are at different stages in our faith journey.  In this session we look at what draws us closer to God.

Watch the Video:

Click here to download this video in mpg, mp4 and wmv formats.


  • Chris and Ruth both describe the enthusiasm of new believers.  When are you/have you been at your most enthusiastic when worshipping God?
  • In this clip there is talk of dancing, art, music and words.  What draws you closer to God, and opens you to his Spirit?  Why?  How should a church respond knowing that its congregation is likely to engage with God in different ways?
  • Are you open to seeing God differently?  In what ways have you seen God differently?  How can we make sure we are looking at God from different angles?  Is God challenging you to see him differently?
  • Chris is asked about ‘instrumental abuse’; the times when we treat worship as a means to an end, when the main thing is its usefulness for us rather focusing on God.  Are there times when this happens?   
  • Hymn or song; organ or guitar… we probably all have our views and preferences.  But what are the non-negotiables of worship?
Please share your reflections and feedback below.
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