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Session 4: A Breadth of Worship


[Click here to download the study group material, including a transcript of the video conversations, from our Resources Library.]

Bible verses:

1 Corinthians 12: 12-27


Different churches worship in a variety of ways – but how important is that when it comes to determining why we choose to worship where we do? Differences in worship styles may point to deeper truths or issues: maybe it’s about our relationships, and how determined we are to have our own way rather than the congregation together discerning God’s way for them.

This session touches on our diversity, discerning God’s will together, and being in fellowship with one another – both within our own church and beyond.

Watch the Video:

Click here to download this video in mpg, mp4 and wmv formats.


  • Why are you worshipping where you are?  What factors have called you to belong to this particular church/community?
  • Order these factors in priority:
- Worship styles
- Welcome
- Quality of preaching
- Catering for children
- Belonging to a community
- Relationships
- Church’s witness
- Others
  • What elements would add value to our present style of worship? Is there something you have seen from another church or a festival that could be weaved into the life of your church?
  • In the clip Chris speaks about ‘worship wars’ - congregations divided over styles of worship. In general, when we disagree about something, how much do we argue according to our preference, rather than what is God’s way? How, in our own setting, do we make sure we are discerning God’s will together?
  • Consider the phrase: “A key issue is whether those two very different churches are in fellowship with another – both in their witness to Christ in their community, and in their sharing fellowship together in worship.” What does this mean in your context?
  • When Chris was asked what worship is, he said: “Firstly it is the community of God’s people encountering God, seeking God in worship.  Secondly it is seeking God’s kingdom.”  How would you describe worship?
Please share your reflections and feedback below.
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