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CMD 360MinistryReview

CMD Forms - 3600 Ministry Review

This form is for ministers who undertake a 360o review of their ministry as part of the engagement with the Baptists Together scheme for Continuing Ministerial Development. It is taken from Appendix 5 of the CMD handbook pdf, but is presented here as a Word document on its own that may be filled in and expanded as required.
The form is to be given by the minister to each person chosen to review their ministry work. The completed copy is sent by each reviewer to the 360o review feedback coordinator named on the form.
File type: DOC
File size: 126kb
Created:  25 September 2020
360 review, ministry review
Tim Fergusson, 25/09/2020
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How to access and train for mentoring, pastoral supervision and spiritual direction.
A form to enable ministers to identify CMD objectives or provide points for discussion with those who accompany them in their ministry.
A standard, but editable contract for NAMs and their mentors to agree and complete at the beginning of the mentoring relationship.
A blank report to be completed by NAMs' mentors in conjunction with their NAM after a few months of their newly accredited ministry and again at the end of each year of the NAMs' programme.
A blank form for NAMs who wish to reflect more deeply on one incident, experience or thought each week, as preparation for discussion with their mentor.
A blank form for NAMs who wish to capture their pattern of work over a period of time by recording what they do each day.
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