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Jesus the Game Changer 


How the life and teachings of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. Introducing a documentary series now available to UK churches with Karl Faase 



Where do the foundational values of our society come from? 

Values such as caring for the sick, educating children, the dignity and worth of all people, democratic political systems and even scientific reasoning underpin our society. If you asked any Briton, they’d agree that these values are vital in ensuring the stability and fairness of modern Western nations.  

But if you asked the average Briton to identify where all these values have their origin, they might struggle to answer. They might suggest origins such as Greek philosophy, or perhaps the Enlightenment. 

A documentary series seeking to answer that very question, Jesus the Game Changer, is now available for UK churches and individuals to watch. 

Jesus the Game Changer explores how the life and teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth changed the world, and why it matters – effectively answering the question of ‘where do our values come from?’ with a resounding response: Jesus.  

This ten-part series of 28 minute episodes seeks to address the present attitude in Western nations where Christian faith and belief is being removed from the public square. In this environment, where faith and belief is seen as a potentially negative influence, this series seeks to demonstrate the influence of the teachings of Jesus on the foundational values of our culture. 

Find out more about Jesus the Game Changer in this trailer: 

Jesus the Game Changer was filmed in the UK, USA, India, Singapore and Australia. It is presented by Karl Faase, an in-demand Christian writer, speaker, commentator and media personality, and formerly senior pastor of Gymea Baptist Church.  

Karl conducts over 30 interviews with authors, researchers and Christian leaders, who explore how Jesus has influenced modern democratic nations. The series features people such as John Ortberg, Christine Caine, Rico Tice, Rodney Stark, Vishal Mangelwadi, Jossy Chacko, Eric Metaxas, John Dickson, Paula Gooder and many others.  

The content of the series is balanced between historical information, cultural insights and retelling the stories of modern day “game changers” – those who have sought to live out the Christian message in their words and deeds.  
The series is divided into ten different topics, each forming the basis of an episode: Jesus, equality, forgiveness, women and children, democracy, care, leadership, education, health, wealth, and reason and science. 

Throughout each episode, the uniqueness of Jesus, and the revolutionary power of his life and teachings in shaping the value being addressed, is emphasised, such as in this interview with RZIM Speaker Jo Vitale about Jesus’ treatment of women:  

The series is designed to aid groups in discussing the impact that Jesus has had on society as a whole, with the hope that these discussions will prompt people to consider the impact that Jesus may have for their lives personally. It works well in a Bible study or small group context, but also sparks many excellent conversations in groups for those investigating Christianity. 

For Christians, this series will encourage and challenge, as viewers hear the stories of modern and past “game changers”, and gain a deeper understanding of how the life and teachings of Jesus are impacting – and indeed, must impact – our world today.  

For an example, watch this clip from the series, in which Tom Greggs, Divinity Professor at Kings College, Aberdeen, offers a heartfelt analysis of why Christian faith must lead to Christian action: 


Christians watching Jesus the Game Changer will also be equipped to answer the questions and objections of their friends, as the series presents well-reasoned, researched arguments about Jesus and Christian faith from prominent experts. 

For those investigating Christianity, the series offers a thorough understanding of who Jesus is and the necessity of coming to him for forgiveness. For example, in this clip from Rico Tice illustrates, viewers gain an understanding of how Christ’s death and resurrection are necessary for eternal life: 


Jesus the Game Changer has been used and appreciated by hundreds of Australian churches, in small group contexts and across whole congregations. Have a look at some of their responses:  


Well-known UK evangelist J John has also looked over the series and feels that it makes a significant contribution to the community discussion around Christian faith and belief. He writes that the series is “…impeccably produced. … The speakers are authoritative and communicate well; they are persuasive without being preachy, and neither dumbed down nor pompously academic.” 

If you’re looking for a fresh resource that will challenge and equip Christians, or start great conversations with those investigating Christianity, Jesus the Game Changer is ideal. Along with the series, there is also a study guide for purchase, and a free app available to download, with discussion questions for each episode, in-depth guest profiles and space to take notes. Find out more about the app: 


Jesus the Game Changer is produced by Olive Tree Media, an Australian Christian media company seeking to introduce people to the Jesus of the Bible through a variety of programs and resources. To find out more about Jesus the Game Changer, or to purchase a DVD or digital download of the series visit jesusthegamechanger.co.uk 

You can also get the DVDs of Jesus the Game Changer through Authentic Media




Baptist Times, 15/10/2018
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