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'We want to create products that carry a divine message'


Faith+Hope+Love is a new Christian fashion brand that aims to put biblical wisdom at the heart of the conversation. 

Interview with Jean Kabasomi, one of its founders 

Faith Hope Love 

Who are you?
Faith+Hope+Love is a Christian fashion brand which exists to help Christians start conversations about their faith with friends, family, loved ones, work colleagues and strangers. We hope that our products will start conversations between the millions of people who would never set foot in a church or Christian event and the millions of people who do.

Our purpose is to reintroduce our modern society to the wisdom and teachings found in the Bible. Through our products we aim to show that Jesus Christ and the Christian God are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago.

How did you start?
It would be great to claim that we are the sole architects of our brand, but this idea stemmed from the work we had been doing in our local church (First Love Church) and an idea from our founding pastor, Dag Heward-Mills. This saw my fellow church member Daniel and I working together in designing and producing t-shirts and sweatshirts for church members.

Outside of this I had wanted to start a business for some time, and one Sunday morning on while travelling on the tube to church, the Holy Spirit prompted me to start a Christian fashion brand. Within minutes I had the name and the logo in mind. I spoke to a friend who I had previously worked with before and asked if he wanted to get involved. He said yes.

We then needed help with turning our clothing and product ideas into designs. Again I felt a conviction, this time to approach Daniel. Strangely, Daniel had been working on the same idea but felt he needed help with the business side of things. At that point, we knew that God had started something in us, and the rest is history as they say.

What have you done so far?
We launched our website on the 30 June of this year so it’s really early days for us. Our main focus has been promoting our message and brand. We are trying to network with as many Christians as possible as we believe that our products are a new way for Christendom to engage with the world.

Our networking activities have not been restricted to the UK. We are also reaching out to Christians around the world with the aim of starting conversations in places where there has been limited or no ‘typical’ outreach due to political and government restrictions.


What do you offer?
We offer clothing for adults, kids and babies. Additionally, we produce homeware products including mugs, door mats, cushions and lampshades.

We seek to serve the Christian community and so our product range is not set. We are open to new product and verse suggestions. All our clothing products are produced in factories where the workers are paid a fair wage. Additionally, we offer 100 per cent recyclable and vegan clothing ranges. Our suppliers and printers are all based in the UK.

What does Faith+Hope+Love have to do with me and my church?
Christianity in the UK struggles to engage with the people it seeks to help. Not because it has lost its power or relevance but because most people switch off, walk away or ignore conversations specifically relating to Christians and church. We believe that our products can help initiate these conversations which most people shy away from.
Suppose I am sitting on the tube wearing a shirt with the words ‘Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy’, at the very least people will smile at me and acknowledge my shirt. Some may go further and say, ‘That’s true.’ It’s here that a door has been opened for me to speak about my faith or mention that these are the words of Jesus.

Or if I take a mug to work with ‘I shall never thirst again’ – at least one person in my office is likely to ask me what that means.

Finally, if I have a door mat that declares blessings in my coming and going – my next door neighbour or any guest is likely to say that my door mat interesting. This is what we mean by starting conversations. We believe that these conversations will lead not only to salvation but also to church growth.

Faith clockcolossians4-5PNG
Anything new coming up?
We are currently working on our Christmas jumpers and gift ideas and looking forward to our upcoming photo shoot for this. We have also just completed a new collection called All Nations. This is a multi-lingual version of our #CONVOSTARTERS range. We hope this will aid Christians in the UK to start conversations with non-English speakers and also assist with spreading the good news further afield.

Where do you see God taking this?
We believe that Faith+Hope+Love is not only a tool to win hearts and minds back to God but also a vehicle by which the teachings in the Bible can again become a normal feature of British culture. Our aim is for our products to be as common as any other high street brand with no stigma attached to them. We want to create products that carry a divine message that are bought by both the saved and unsaved.

We believe that our products can help facilitate a new spiritual atmosphere in the UK. Whether or not one is a follower of Christ, in reading or seeing our products we believe that lives can be impacted because the word of God is quick, powerful and has the ability to impact one’s body, soul, mind and spirit.


For more information:


Visit: www.faithhopelove13-13.com

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Twitter: @1_COR_13_13
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