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The Pound for Pound Principle

Much to encourage and challenge in a book for the underdog and those who feel small and insignificant

Pound for Pound Principle250The Pound For Pound Principle - Becoming all God designed you to be
By Mike Kai
ISBN No: 978-1-78078-100-6
Reviewed by: Jo Regan

This is a book designed to encourage the underdog and those who feel small and insignificant. Based around the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30) at the heart of the book is the challenge of using our gifts and talents wisely and ‘doing the best you can with what you’ve been given, regardless of the amount.’

Kai has a refreshing writing style that lacks the hype that you might expect to find in a book of this type. He writes out of personal experience and from the heart. Kai is an international speaker and pastor of a large church in Oahu, Hawaii, that he helped to grow from 40 to over 3,000 worshipers.
Kai draws on the parable of the talents emphasizing that everyone is given something by the master, all are expected to multiply the amount given to them, and each is held accountable for what they have done with what is given to them. He encourages the reader to ask if they are doing everything with what they have been given to the best of their ability.

The chapter headings such as, ‘”Who’s in my corner?”: trusting in key people to get you going’, ‘The making of a Prizefighter: The Early lessons of Faithfulness’, ‘Moving up your weight class: increasing your God given capacity’, ‘Let go of the ring: bidding “Aloha” to what is comfortable’ and ‘Bring it on! Your contribution to the fight’, tell us something of the fight that is involved in living out the gospel and striving to become all that God has designed us to be. Perhaps in the search to be all we are meant to be there is also the danger of unhealthy perfectionism that Kai fails to address properly. He does however point out the folly in measuring ourselves against others thereby diminishing what we actually have.
Kai maintains that the most fulfilled and happiest people are those who are doing what they are called to do and thus using the talents that God has given them. He encourages the reader to push past mediocrity, and putting things off and to reach their full potential. There is much to encourage and challenge those who are seeking to develop their God given potential and to equip and inspire those in church leadership.

A great resource for those looking for a fresh perspective on the parable of the talents.

The Revd Jo Regan is a Baptist Minister and keen blogger


Baptist Times, 14/08/2015
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