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A scientist's journey through experiment to faith

Paradigm Shift is Roy Peacock's story from atheism to an extensive international healing ministry

Paradigm Shift225Paradigm Shift
By Professor Roy Peacock
Authentic Media Limited
ISBN No: 978-1-78078-98-6
Reviewed by: Martin Poole

Paradoxically I was both inspired and disappointed by Roy Peacock’s book
Roy is essentially giving his testimony in print recounting how as a highly respected scientist and atheist operating in the field of Thermodynamics, he now finds himself a committed Christian with an extensive international healing ministry.
It is difficult not to be inspired by such a journey which commences with a reluctant attendance at a local church’s week of mission and horror at witnessing his wife make a commitment to Christ.

Here was a test tube. Would there be any result from this heartfelt prayer or would his wife be unchanged? Such was the reasoned approach of scientist Roy who instantly perceived a change and by the end of the mission had taken the same journey.
As a new Christian Roy sets about reading the Bible and immediately runs into a seemingly unscientific account of Creation. His application of scientific principles that leads to his acceptance of scripture is very helpful and acts as a springboard to the acceptance of a God who can work miracles. What follows is an international preaching and particularly healing ministry.
So what is there to disappoint? Possibly too many “leg-lengthening miracles”, but also an undercurrent that can be seen as dismissive of anything other than a practical application – a tendency to worship God only for what he does rather than who he is. “I have only ever been interested in seeing its (Christian faith) practical outworking,” he writes.
The book finishes on a high note as Roy tastes heaven and in so doing lets the reader see that his remarkable journey, begun with such reluctance, has also been quite costly in personal terms. However, without question the scientist would say “the experiment is proven”.

The Revd Martin Poole is a retired Baptist minister, formerly Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church Penarth; Godalming Baptist Church, Eastleigh Baptist Church


Baptist Times, 10/10/2014
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