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How to put faith into words

One hundred stories from a range of Christians to help share faith in a natural way

Sharing Jesus: How to put faith into words
By various
Share Jesus International/HOPE/UCB
Reviewer: Ian Bunce

Sharing Jesus
This new book that has been developed for Hope and the Pentecost festival for this year is a brilliant flexible resource.

Unlike many “How to share your faith” books, it does not rely on the ability to recite scriptures, the sense of "can I win the argument mentality", that evangelism often becomes. This book is far more practical and accessible, recognizing the different ways in which we act, and how story is an essential element in our journey, and the journey of so many, in discovering faith.

Sharing Jesus is helpful in that it recognized the different places that people are in on their faith journey, and unlike many previous sharing faith resources, it is not giving a formula, but seeks to bring confidence to the reader to share faith in a natural way. It has helpful hints on developing a conversation, how to explain the gospel, how to answer difficult question and follow up steps.

This book is not written by a single author, but has articles with writers including Laurence Singlehurst, Stephen Gaukroger, Andy Frost, Rachel Jordan and Ann Holt among many others. As a result its 100 pages hold together a breadth of opinions that cover the spectrum of thinking about evangelism.

So whether you are using it as an individual, or as a discussion starter for small groups in your church, I commend this book as a great tool for helping the church to share Jesus.

Sharing Jesus can be ordered in either bulk (£1.50) or single copies (£3 each) - visit the HOPE website for more


Ian Bunce is the Mission and Media Networker for the Faith and Society Team

Baptist Times, 06/02/2014
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