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Mosaic - God With Us

Mosaic - God With Us provides material for 12 sessions for small groups of children with a wide age range. All the resources can be photocopied and there is no need to buy additional take-home sheets. Another edition is available called God is Good


Scripture Union £11.99
ISBN 978 1 84427 726 1
Reviewer: Lorri Dawson

God with us includes three series – Illustrated Letters (Philippians, Philemon and Timothy), Peter and Jesus and Elisha the Prophet. The all-age service is Peter – this is your life! Each series has an introductory page. I would have liked a bit more Bible background here or at least a link to a website or recommendation for further reading.

The actual sessions are easy to read and well-presented. The aim is stated clearly, the core programme is given first and then the activities and extension ideas for younger or older children. There are lots of supporting resources. All pictures are in bold black and white (better for copying) and have a modern feel about them.

Some of the activities are old favourites (Captain’s coming, hangman) but there are plenty of new ideas (marching rhymes, true/false quizzes, postcards to others in the church family).

Mosaic does not have the structure of introduction/bible story/application that you find in Scripture Union’s Lightlive material but these elements are there. They may be less obvious because there are fewer options to choose from.

The all-age service plan looks comprehensive but not complicated. It includes some interaction between leader and congregation and there is a closing activity suitable for adults and children. However, I would have liked some ideas for getting children up the front.

Overall, I liked this material. I think its simplicity would appeal to new teachers but there are enough new ideas to make it attractive to experienced teachers.

Lorri Dawson is a volunteer teacher at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church

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