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New YouTube channel for Christian young people 

YouTubing is the number one activity of all 11-18s - Youth for Christ has created a new channel to engage them 


The Sync Coach has been designed to captivate young people ‘with the message of the gospel and train them to share their faith in a relevant, relational way’.

The channel has been created following YFC’s ground-breaking research ‘Gen Z: Rethinking Culture’, which revealed that YouTubing is the number one activity of all 11-18s.
‘The Sync Coach invades this space, engages young people where they are at and challenges them to reach their mates,’ YFC said in a press release.
The Sync Coach, which is completely free, comprises a series of films for young people - ten daily sessions that take young people through a fun and relational way of sharing faith through stories. There are four interactive youth sessions for groups to take part in, and a film series for youth workers to watch alongside their young people to train them to be more effective evangelists.
It is probably ‘the most holistic’ resource YFC has created, continued the press release. ‘By the end of The Sync Coach, each young person will be able to share their story and communicate the gospel in a relevant way, be praying for a few friends and be committed to great relationships with those around them.’

Youth for Christ National Director Neil O’Boyle said, ‘I am so excited by the launch of Sync. We are convinced it has the power to change a nation. Imagine the potential of every Christian young person equipped and committed to reaching their friends.’

You can check out the free films and sessions at www.yfc.co.uk/sync and the YouTube channel here



Baptist Times, 17/01/2018
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