2018 Whitley Lecture

Helen Paynter delivered the 2018 Whitley lecture based on this abstract:

Whitleyflyerv113Dead and Buried?
Attending to the voices of the victim in the Old Testament and today.

Whether we are reading a modern news article about a violent atrocity, or one of the shocking Old Testament stories of violence, it is important that we ask certain questions of ourselves and of the written account. Whose interests are being served by the telling of this story? Whose voices are not being heard? Whose lives are considered worthy of grieving, and whose deaths are regarded as forgettable? What responsibility does reading this story place upon me? This lecture will aim to consider these questions and so provide some tools to assist us as we read Old Testament stories of violence.

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Helen wrote this blog as she developed her response.
Helen was a hospital doctor until 2008, when she was called to Baptist ministry.
image001She is now part time Associate Minister of Victoria Park Baptist Church, Bristol, and Research Fellow at Bristol Baptist College. She teaches Old Testament and biblical languages at a number of theological colleges and universities. Her PhD thesis was on aspects of humour in Kings, but her current research area is in how to read Old Testament narratives of violence, and how they relate to modern problems of violence and migration. She lives in Bristol with her husband and three teenage daughters.


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The 2017 Whitley Lecture is entitled the The Pioneering Evangelicalism of Dan Taylor (1738-1816) by Richard Pollard, Minister and Team Leader, Fishponds Baptist Church, Bristol. It is available from Regent's Park College. 

The 2016 Whitley Lecture was Church Without Walls: Post-Soviet Baptists in the Ukranian Revolution 2013-14 by Joshua Searle, Tutor in Theology and Public Thought and Assistant Director of Postgraduate Research at Spurgeon's College. The lecture can be purchased here.

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