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Church Trusts and Manse Trusts

Most churches have a building or other property held for the church by one of the Baptist Trust Corporations as holding trustee. There is usually a Trust Deed which contains the Property Trusts for the church. There will be details of how the church should be used - and much more! 

Here are four general leaflets about the history and development of Baptist property arrangements up to 1951, the development of modern Model Trusts after 1951, role of the Baptist Trust Corporations and how to appoint one of them as your church’s Property Trustees, and Ultimate Trusts – the special arrangements that enable money to be recycled for mission .

T01 Baptist Trusts Beginnings and Patterns
T02 Modern Model Trusts
T03 Appointing Property Trustees – Baptist Trust Corporations
T04 Ultimate Trusts – Recycling Money for Mission

And for manses there is an extra general leaflet
T08 Manse Trusts

You can find leaflets on these topics through the links on this page, through the website search facility, or by clicking on the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of every page.
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