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'We can't breathe until you can'

This seminar explored white privilege – from a white person’s point of view.  
White privilege is often described as people with white skin having advantages in society that other people do not have. Having white privilege doesn't make your life easy, but understanding it can make you realise why some people's lives are harder than they should be.* 
In this seminar we heard the voices and perspectives of white people and their understanding of their racialised behaviour. Stories of discrimination and its impact on people of colour were shared.  
Discussing white privilege from this perspective has become a necessary and honest lens with which to understand racism – and for that reason the contributors in this discussion are all white. 

Organised by the Racial Justice Group
* John Amaechi, psychologist, a New York Times best-selling author and a former NBA basketball player

Since the murder of George Floyd many issues have been raised, so many questions, so many opinions.  Whatever our context might be, the issues of racism dig deep into who we are as followers of Jesus and simply as human beings – this is a deep issue of human sinfulness. All of this, and more, might mean that we feel overwhelmed.  What can I do? Do I need to do anything?  What is the right thing to do?  I don’t want to do the wrong thing!

Gerard Goshawk, one of the presenters of this seminar, has prepared a 10 point plan to help us learn about how to respond to the issues raised by racial injustice. Click here to download his 10 point plan.
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Wednesday 6 October 2021: Online webinar exploring the issue of reparations
Recording of the seminar given at the Baptist Assembly 2021
Wednesday 14 April 2021: Zoom webinar with an expert panel including: Dr Robert Beckford, Sir Simon Woolley, the Ven Rosemarie Mallett and Eleasah Louis
Recording from 8 September 2020: with speakers Revd Dr Kevin Snyman, Bevin Powell and Revd Mike Long