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Enabling Churches to become Multicultural

Working alongside a number of Baptists who have experience of developing multicultural churches we’ve produced resources to help British Baptist churches empower all cultures within them and become truly multi-cultural.  Click on the links below to access these resources.
R_AnalysisMulticulturalChpdf An Analysis of a Multicultural Church
Research by Malcolm Patten to discover and analyse the issues that have arisen from seeking to develop a Baptist Church in London as a multicultural church and to consider the impact of such an emphasis on the congregation.
R_CharMulticulturalCh Characteristics of a Multicultural Church
Cultural diversity is a gift of God.  This resource, adapted from A House of Prayer for All People, helps churches as they strive to be multicultural - reflecting the rich, grace-filled patterns that are part of our world and our society.
R_EmbracingWorldpdf Embracing the World: A Manifesto for building culturally inclusive communities
Guidance to help churches become truly inclusive of all cultures and influence the wider world around them.  This resource includes eight group studies and sermons to help your church consider the issues, and practical suggestions for drawing up an action plan and policy.
JourneyingToJusticeCover Journeying to Justice
Journeying to Justice is of such importance to the study of Black religion that to say its time has come would be an understatement.  Through a multi-faceted exploration of the Black Baptist relations between England and the Caribbean this work contributes to the study of Black religion as both Trans-Atlantic and diasporic phenomenon. Because this exploration is done by engaging one of the most vibrant traditions of Black Christianity, the Baptists, its findings give insight to Black religion as such. More importantly it contributes to understanding how this tradition shaped people who became religious agents for change in their world.
Orders can be placed via the Authentic Media website. RRP is £24.99.
R_LestWeForget Lest we Forget
By using differing cultural perspectives, these studies have been prepared to equip Baptists to reflect on the 2007 Baptist Union Apology and explore ways to address the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade.
R_MovingStories Moving Stories
Migration has always been a part of the human story, and there are several accounts of different people movements in the Bible.  At this time when we are especially conscious of migration, these nine studies bring a blend of biblical, historical and contemporary material from people whose own stories have been shaped or impacted by a significant people movement.  They aim to enable individuals and groups of people within our churches to think about migration in the light of the word of God in the Bible.
R_MultiEthnicChurchpdf Multiethnic Church
A six week course for small groups, written by Baptist minister Malcolm Patten, to help develop healthy, integrated churches which reflect the richness and diversity of the Kingdom of God.
R_NewHumanityChurchpdf New Humanity Church
Is the ‘New-Humanity’ Church the way forward for London Baptist churches, theologically and missionally in the twenty-first century?  A dissertation submitted to Cliff College by Peter Leveson.
R_PastorMultiEthnicpdf Pastoring Multi-ethnic Churches
What might pastoral care be like when it takes seriously the influence of ethnic identity and enables individuals to participate fully in the life and mission of the church?  Gale Richards offers some reflections on this question, based on her 2012 study of nine Baptist churches in the West Midlands.
R_PentecostPeople Pentecost People
This study resource for small groups aims to help churches to embrace the different cultures within them, to learn hospitality in a new way and to experience multicultural worship and prayer.  It is made up of four video-based study sessions filmed in British Baptist churches, and additional resources to help people to explore the areas of: Hospitable Church, Hearing Every Voice, The Global Church, Dreaming the Dream.  This resource has been developed by members of the Racial Justice Group and Regent’s Park College.
R_ReadingRacialJusticepdf Racial Justice reading list
A selection of publications to enable churches to consider racial justice issues and help them to become truly multicultural.


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If you have a story to tell of how you and/or your church are developing to become more multicultural, please click the button on the right and get in touch with us.

Click here if you have questions or would like to contact our Racial Justice Hub.
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How listening to and empowering voices from different cultures has impacted Blackhorse Road Baptist Church