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Sample Posters for Baptist Churches

We have created sixteen posters to download and print out to use around your church building, to help keep people safe.

Click here to download all the English posters in one file.

Click here to download all the Welsh posters in one file.

Click on the images below to download an individual poster.
Welcome WELSH-Welcome Open WELSH-Open
Entrance WELSH-Entrance Exit WELSH-Exit
Face-Covering WELSH-Face-Covering Keep-Distance WELSH-Keep-Distance
Hand-Sanitiser WELSH-Hand-Sanitiser No-Access WELSH-No-Access
One-Way-1 Welsh-One-Way-1 One-Way-2 WELSH-One-Way-2
One-Way-3 WELSH-One-Way-3 One-Way-4 WELSH-One-Way-4
Pew-Closed WELSH-Pew-Closed Row-Closed WELSH-Row-Closed
Please-do-not-sit WELSH-Please-do-not-sit Not-In-Use WELSH-Not-In-Use
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Links to all our guidance information
The latest information for churches
Document re-written to reflect removal of legal requirement in England from 19 July and the completion of the move to Alert level 0 in Wales from 7 August
The latest guidance for churches
Guidance from our Legal Team on various legal and regulatory issues
Your key legal requirement prior to re-opening is to carry out a risk assessment
    Posted: 20/03/2020