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Book reviews in 2013 

Mission as the life of the local congregation
An excellent study guide for churches working in a multi-faith-cum-multi-culture environment, and even better for churches which are not
Glen Lyon is a love story, but one that rings true about love, love as sharp as the edge of a knife
To understand Paul's letters, we need to discover why they were written
A lively and gripping account of Bunyan's life, showing his activities to be as relevant today as in the 17th century
Mosaic - God With Us provides material for 12 sessions for small groups of children with a wide age range
Robin Compston writes to rebut Richard Dawkins assertions in his much-lauded book, The God Delusion
Reading John Polkinghorne’s book with no more than an O-level in physics achieved roughly 50 years ago is quite a test
The American author Marcus Borg is concerned about unfamiliarity with biblical witness in the current generation and fears that what is known is neither believable nor accessible to the modern mind
Discussing what the Hebrew Bible says about five thorny issues
by Michael Reeves: 'A good little book that seeks to offer an introduction to seeing God as triune'
of Christian Britain - 'A book to make any Christian think... although that would not be enough for the author'
Essays in intelligent and ethical perception by Julian Hoffman.
As Brian McLaren points out, this is a question he only dares ask because of his faith in Christ
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