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Features articles in 2014  

A Christian mental health professional explains how understanding dementia shed new light on her faith
A personal reflection on the issue of slavery and its impact on the current generation by Israel Olofinjana
An interview with Ernie Whalley, who gives his insights into peacemaking and reconciliation
How can local churches best support their young people? A response by Gavin Calver
How Christians can respond when there are issues of conflict in the workplace? Four responses
Their complex blend of musical cultures is popular with young Christians, Muslims, and Jews - so who are Orphaned Land?
'Dramatic and complex weaving of Arab folk, rock and neo-prog is a thing of wonder'
Remembering the Kinder refugees - the 10,000 children given refuge in the UK from Nazi Europe
Dávid Gál of Hungarian Baptist Aid reports on a Baptist church service at the heart of the conflict in South Sudan
Christians across western culture are facing challenges - and opportunities. How the Crucible Course can help
York conference looks at poverty and inequality in Britain today, and the rhetoric surrounding them
Doctor Cathy Wield shares her journey back to treating patients after recovering from her own ill-health
Baptist Insurance highlights the increased risk of fire during building maintenance works, and the precautions to take
A church planted by BMS World Mission workers over 200 years ago is now sending workers to the mission field
Ever wondered what mission in Europe looks like?
To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, here are five inspiring women working on the mission field
Peter Stanford was born into slavery in Virginia, but would become the first black Baptist minister in Britain
The International Baptist Convention has several vacancies in Europe and beyond
Ministry Today, an organisation committed to providing resources to help ministers thrive, is 20 years old
A report of Baptist Union Council: March 2014.
Children who attend one of the many PEPE schools in Mozambique are being given a well-rounded education
Why a local pastor sees better toilets as a way of carrying a spiritual message to the community
Recognising that reverse mission is possible thanks to dedicated efforts in Africa, Asia and South America
Examples of churches engaging with new media
A year-long pig rearing project has bonded Ugandan communities torn apart by Joseph Kony and the LRA
Baptist Insurance highlights its guidance notes on running a safe and successful foodbank
Funerals, taxis, a broken bridge and quitting smoking all played a role in Ansuman's conversion
Standing for what's right and bearing the consequences - the day I asked a young man to turn his music down
Baptists are working on the ground in Moldova in the fight against human trafficking
Rejecting ostentatious homes and inflated salaries, a new generation of faith-filled leaders is emerging
John Wilson Street, synonymous with the murder of Lee Rigby, was named after a significant Baptist minister
An encounter one night in Mae Sot, Thailand, left BMS World Mission workers heartbroken
Faulty electrics are one of the prime causes of fires - stay safe with this guide from Baptist Insurance
An insight into life on a gap year programme in Uganda with Smile International
An interview with Fiona Veitch Smith, whose children stories have recently been converted into interactive e-books
During the World Cup, pray for the host nation by using BMS World Mission's 4-4-2 prayer points
Famous preacher, social activist, church planter - a 19th century Baptist who touched the lives of many
A thriving Baptist church in Gaza, and why Christians are called to speak out against injustice in Israel-Palestine
Shaun Lambert remembers his experience of the condition which forced England batsman Jonathan Trott home last year
Israel Olofinjana tells the extraordinary story of John Jea, likely founder of the first black majority church in the UK
But cannot afford to fill it? Help could be at hand from the United States
Lockwood Baptist Church in Huddersfield celebrates God's generosity in a party for all
Yohanna Kanatacho believes that our tears can bring transformation to the crisis in Israel-Palestine
Baptist Carolyn Skinner's ministry has a particular emphasis on the leisure industry
A rare UK gig for the legendary American rock band with an unusual thread of genuine faith-searching
Jonathan Barr unearths stories of Baptists who fought on the frontline
What can churches do to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War?
Hazel Southam recounts the remarkable story of her great-grandfather, who headed for war aged 59
Round-up of The Baptist Times' First World War coverage
A Baptist minister's 'thrilling' summer holiday in Germany took in multiple arrests and only ended in December
What can we learn from our predecessors and how they responded to the conflict?
Hazel Southam relates how the Bible influenced the lives of a Baptist soldier and a female pacifist
In his attitude to money and the poorest, there is much to learn from the First World War chaplain
Peace was a major theme at the General Assembly of the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women
A very different venue, but still the same desire to challenge, question, and enlighten
Black Majority Churches are now involved in significant global missions to reach the unreached
What impact does university have on Christian faith and how should churches respond?
Several people talk about what has influenced their faith journey
Two very different examples of Baptist Christians in pioneering situations. By Graham Doel
.. rather than just a bit of collaboration - exploring how the majority world can partner with British Christians
Emily Ackerman was a doctor for before illness struck - but over the years has discovered new ways of living well
An interview with Helle Liht, Assistant General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation
Looking for a Christian internship, gap year or year-out? DNA is a unique programme
Wembley Arena saw a West End cast deliver a heart-stopping retelling of the Bible in music and dance
Members of BMS Action teams heading overseas this week share their thoughts about the year ahead
Thirty young people are setting off on BMS Action Teams for six exciting months of mission around the world
Advice from Baptist Insurance for one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries
Steff Rooney is encouraged at the recent Inhabit Conference
Prudence Bell and the story of her great-grandparents, missionaries killed in China's Boxer Rebellion
Difficulties faced by a Baptist pastor in Cuba highlighted ahead of international day of prayer
Baptist Insurance’s tips for getting your home winter ready
A report from Baptist Union Council November 2014
BMS World Mission workers explain how they deal with this issue
Israel Olofinjana looks at how the various gospel accounts describe the birth of Jesus, and what it means today
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