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Hong Kong Churches

CircleLogo HKChurchesOne of our aims is to help Hong Kong migrants (Christian or non-Christian) connect to British Baptist churches with practical support for social inclusion and their well-being. We found that Hong Kong leavers are very anxious about UK life, so we plan to connect with Hong Kong leavers before their arrival in the UK. 

Hong Kong churches are one of the main means to connect with Hong Kong leavers, so we are happy to co-operate with HK churches to discuss how we can help them.  We welcome referrals and holding talks and can help to link people together.

We held a webinar about the UK tax system in Cantonese for Hong Kongers preparing to move to the UK. Click here for more information and to watch a recording of the session.

SharonShekClick here to contact our Hong Kong Response Coordinator, Sharon Shek.

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