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Meet members of our Specialist Teams

‘Meet the Team’ is a short series of videos introducing several people who work in our national Specialist Teams. These films include footage of Baptist House filmed prior to lockdown.

We begin with Rachel Tole, who is currently working in the Ministries team as Ministerial Settlement and Systems Administrator. "It's very special working here and for me personally I feel it's a real privilege to be serving God by supporting our churches and our ministers in the mission and ministry that God has called them to do."

Wale Hudson-Roberts is part of the Faith and Society team. "I am the Justice Enabler for the Baptist Union and it would be fantastic if Churches and Associations and Colleges become increasingly aware of the many resources that we actually have."

Paul Hobson is the writer and editor with the Faith and Society Specialist Team. ‘We are a very committed team, we are a small team, there's a heavy workload but we do our best to serve you - that's our goal, we are all about serving you.'

Rachel Stone is the Team Leader for the HR and Safeguarding Specialist Team. ‘Good safeguarding practice underpins the work of the Gospel, underpins the outreach in our churches. If people feel that they can come and be safe with us then they find it easier to engage with us in all sorts of ways.'
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