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Churches' Ministerial Counselling Service 

Ministry can bring its own stresses, and ministers are not exempt from the other problems of everyday life arising from family and personal circumstances. It is not always appropriate to seek support from a colleague or a Regional Minister. In this instance, the Churches’ Ministerial Counselling Service (CMCS) can provide confidential independent help.
The CMCS provides professional counselling for those ministers, ministers’ spouses and adult members of their households who wish to access it, at a subsidised cost. The service is accessed anonymously, with no records available to any regional association or Baptist Union staff concerning who uses the service. To preserve confidentiality, requests for counselling should therefore go directly to CMCS and not to a regional association or the Baptist Union.
A fuller explanation of CMCS operates and how help may be accessed can be found on the CMCS website.

Tim Fergusson, 23/07/2020
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