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Manse Life Resources

Time For Marriage have a passion for church leader's marriages. They know the pressures that they are under and care. They have also seen the devastation when a church leader's marriage fails and the waves of damage that reach far beyond their family and care about that too. They understand that it’s really hard to find space and time for a church leader to invest in their marriage.  That’s why they've created specific weekends that allow them to take time out in a safe place together.


Churches' Ministerial Counselling Service
Churches' Ministerial Counselling Service (CMCS) is a network of professional counsellors operating in England, Scotland and Wales offering subsidised support to ministers and their households. It is sponsored by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the Salvation Army, the United Reformed Church, the Anglican Dioceses of Leeds, Sheffield and Southwark and the Free Churches’ Group (acting on behalf of other Free Church denominations).


To contribute an article or resources, please send it to manselife@baptist.org.uk. If you want to share anonymously, we will ensure no names are mentioned.



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