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Baptists Together Mission Forum

Baptists Together Mission Forum meets twice a year and includes the mission lead from each Association, along with our General Secretary, one person representing the Colleges and another from the Faith and Society Specialist Team.

Our purpose is five-fold:

  • for mutual support and enrichment,
  • to provide a Baptist voice at national meetings and events
  • to reflect on what we see God doing missionally
  • to take the initiative in shaping vision and strategy
  • to allocate Newington Court funds accordingly

This purpose was clarified at the June 2017 Mission Forum at which the terms of reference and the processes of the committee were reviewed. It felt appropriate to become more proactive and strategic, actively listening and discerning what was happening across the churches of the Union, and investing available funds accordingly. To help with this a decision was made to commission a ‘listening project’ to gather stories to further inform the work of the Forum.

Whilst Mission Forum has a fund available, most of this is usually allocated to strategic and nationally focused projects discerned by the Forum. These will be informed by the listening that we undertake and occasionally partners in that work may well be identified through those who have told us about what they are doing. In addition, in June each year, there is the possibility that a few of the projects we have heard about will be asked to make a more formal application for a grant, and these will be considered at our October meeting.

A total of £113,000 in grants was made during 2017 as follows: Pioneering among the deaf (£16,000), Seventy-Two Project (£8,000), National Pioneer Co-ordinators (£20,000), Urban Expression (£10,000), Urban Life (£50,000), New Housing Hub (£4,000), The Turning (£5,000).

Please read the reports from each gathering and do contact us to tell us how you see God at work and how you are joining in.


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13-14 June: A gathering of key leaders in the Baptist Together mission community
Posted: 14/04/2022