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Training for Pioneering


EquippedToPioneerEquipped to Pioneer
This part-time training is for anyone in Baptist churches involved in pioneer ministry and church planting. ‘Equipped to Pioneer’ consists of 10 core modules, five of which are offered by Baptist Colleges (sometimes in conjunction with associations) and five by the Crucible Course, which is facilitated by Urban Expression and other partners including the Incarnate Network, the Northumbria Community and BMS World Mission.

Click here to find more information about the training from the Crucible course website.

Candidates are required to choose two further option modules, from a choice of six, delivered by Colleges and by the CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course.  The modules may be taken in any order and will normally take a minimum of two to three years to complete.

Any pioneer wanting to pursue recognition should to speak to their regional minister about being commended by their church to their regional Ministerial Recognition Committee.  Ideally, this should happen before they undertake any of the training.  There will be a second Ministerial Recognition Committee once all the modules have been completed at which national recognition is approved.

General Secretary Lynn Green said: “The Equipped to Pioneer course makes top quality training available and accessible to all those who have a passion to reach their local communities, regardless of whether they are seeking ordination or not.  I hope that as many as possible will make the most of this new opportunity.”

Stuart Murray-Williams, an Urban Expression co-founder, said: “The Crucible course operates from the perspective that the long era of Christendom is coming to an end and that mission from the margins will require fresh thinking and practice in many areas.  The course encourages participants to explore new ways of engaging in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, urban mission and community renewal.”

The Revd Angie Tunstall said: “What an amazing course!  Living in urban Eccles as cross-cultural missionaries, Crucible has really been a great environment for shared learning, listening, thinking and reflecting with others on what it means to creatively be a part of a small urban Christian community.”

Click here for more information about the course.

A new project to help Baptist churches explore a multi-congregational future is being launched. The main focus of the project is to help churches start new expressions of church in addition to their established Sunday morning congregation.

MULTIPLY will be using a learning community model for churches wanting to explore becoming multi-congregational, as well as for those who have already begun the journey. With a combination of online and face-to-face events and resources, alongside access to relevant training, the hope is to learn from one another and to share together in the challenges and the successes along the way.

To find out more visit www.baptist.org.uk/multiply

To register your interest, please fill in the enquiry form below, and you’ll be sent more information about how you and your church can get involved

mission shaped ministry
msmlogoThis is a one-year, part-time course which takes people on a learning journey as part of a supportive community, training them for ministry in fresh expressions of church.  It is delivered as part of the ecumenical Fresh Expressions movement, and has been presented over 115 times across the UK with more than 3,600 participants.  It is not a pathway to recognition within Baptists Together, but is ideally suited for groups of people from churches who are beginning a journey of exploring new and creative ways of engaging in the mission of God.  For over a decade this course has been the catalyst behind new expressions of church being planted and established congregations experiencing renewal.

You can find more information from the mission shaped ministry website and the Fresh Expressions website.

Baptists have been instrumental in making an online version of the mission shaped ministry course available.  In this new flexible mode of delivery it becomes an accessible resource for building the Kingdom of God wherever you are in the country.

Pioneer Ministry in New Housing Areas

To find out more about this resource please watch the video below or click here.


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Crucible runs three intensive training weekends each year to equip Christians to follow Jesus on the margins
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