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Baptists Together Pastoral Fund

Empowering acts of kindness

The Baptist family has a long history of caring for each other and a number of ‘benevolent funds’ have been available to offer financial assistance to Baptist workers over the years.  However these funds have not always been well used or publicised and they have now been brought together in a new ‘Baptists Together Pastoral Fund’ in order to broaden their reach, promote fairness and transparency in their usage and better bless the people throughout our Union who could benefit from this kind of help.

Grants are available to help address individual needs; these may result from financial hardship or may represent a personal difficulty which can be assisted by financial support.  You can apply for yourself or make an application on behalf of somebody else.

Find out more about these funds using the links below.

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Find out about the Pastoral Fund for Baptist workers
Find out about this fund established in 1925
Application for a grant from the Baptists Together Pastoral Fund and the Psalms and Hymns Support Fund