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The Baptist Pension Scheme now has its own website for all Members, Churches and Employers. Here you will be able to find out about:
  • Joining the scheme
  • Information for Active, Deferred and Retired Members
  • Key documents you may need
  • Information for Churches / Employers
And much more!

If you require assistance please contact the scheme administrators:
BBS Consultants & Actuaries Ltd
Canard Court
23-25 St George’s Road

Tel: 0117 937 8700 or send an email.
Family Solution
Following negotiations between the Baptist Pension Scheme Trustee and the Baptist Pension Scheme Employers' Group on behalf of Baptist Union of Great Britain, a Family Solultion to the deficit in the Defined Benefit section of the Baptist Pension scheme was agreed in April 2018.  More details, including the implications for churches and other employers in the scheme and scheme beneficiaries can be found on the Family Solution page.
Pension Webinar
As part of the work towards the Family Solution, a series of Pension Roadshows took place during Autumn 2017 for treasurers, deacons and ministers - anyone who is a trustee of a local church and member of the Baptist Pension DB Scheme - to inform them about what is happening to address the current deficit in the Scheme and the potential impact it may have on individual churches.

The Roadshows were put together by members of the Pensions Employers Group (EG) who shared information on the 2016 actuarial valuation; dealing with individual church pension debts; the new draft employer debt regulations and what the EG calls, ‘a family solution for a family problem’.

For those unable to attend the Roadshows, a webinar covering the same material was shared in December 2017 and this can be viewed below.

Download the video to show to your church trustees in mp4 format (220MB) or mov format (1.73GB)

If you have further questions, please email the Pensions Employers Group.
Pensions within Church Accounts
Information on accounting for the Baptist Pensions Scheme can be found in the finance guidance leaflets F02 and F03, which can be found in the finance section of the resources library.
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