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Financial Guidance

The resources section of this website contains many helpful documents which can be downloaded. Here you will find information about budgeting, gift aid, charity accounting, taxation and legacies.

Key information which most churches will need includes:

Standard Stipend
The Trustees of the Baptist Union have set the Standard Stipend as follows:
Year Standard
% Increase Manse
2020 £24,000 2.35% £6,248
2019 £23,450 3.08% £6,144
2018 £22,750 1.11% £6,000

Please note that the manse value relates only to the calculation of Pensionable Income for the Baptist Pension Scheme. It is not intended to be a guide to the level of housing allowance to be paid to a minister in lieu of provision of a manse, which should be agreed between a church and minister based on the housing market in their area. The manse value should also not be treated as taxable income or a taxable benefit.

As part of the Pension Family Solution the 2020 Manse Value used in the pensionable income calculation for ministerial members of the Baptist Pension Scheme has increased by 1.7% based on the September 2019 CPI.

Defined contribution pension for 2020 will rise by 2.2% in line with the increase in minimum pensionable income.

Baptists Together Church Subscription Rates
The 2020 Baptists Together Annual Subscription for churches has been set by Baptist Union Council at £4.70 per church member. 

Bank Charges
Our bankers have now advised us that, with effect from October 2014, they will be charging some services which they offer and one of the main one being processing of cheques. In order to help reduce our bank charges as much as possible, we request that, wherever possible, donations and subscriptions or any other payments, are paid by direct debit or by bank transfer to our Home Mission account, as this attracts less charges compared to cheques. Please quote your Church Number as reference for payments. If your bank does not allow personalised references, to help us identify your payment please email your details of the payments to subscriptions@baptist.org.uk

For bank transfers please email us at subscriptions@baptist.org.uk stating your Church Name and Church Number so we can provide you with our bank details.

If writing by cheque please make it payable to "Baptist Union of Great Britain" and send payment to
Subscriptions, Baptist Union of Great Britain, Baptist House, PO Box 44, Didcot, OX11 8RT

Just in case you have no alternative but to pay by cheques, to reduce postage costs could you indicate if you require an acknowledgement or receipt by post or email for any cheque donations sent to Home Mission. 

Deposit Rates
For information on Deposit Accounts and rates please visit our Deposit Accounts page.

Loan Rates
For more information on loans to churches please visit our Loan Fund page.

Mileage Rates
The Government announced an increase to the recommended mileage rates as from 6 April 2011. For cars and vans the first 10,000 miles in each tax year, the rate is 45p and for mileage over 10,000 the rate is 25p.

Charity Numbers
Many churches assume that as they are in membership of the Baptist Union they are able to use the registered charity numbers for the Baptist Union Corporation and the Baptist Union of Great Britain. This is not the case. Also, churches should not use the registered charity number of their local Association.

Churches are currently regarded as ‘excepted charities’ under section 30 (2) (b) of the Charities Act 2011 and will not have their own registered number, unless they have been required to register due to their income level. The government have extended the ‘Excepting Regulations’ until 31 March 2021 after which churches with an income of £5,000 will need to register. Until then churches with an income under £100,000 continue to be excepted from registration.

Grants from Home Mission
For information on grants from Home Mission please visit our Grants from Home Mission page.

Annual Accounts
Each year we publish the Annual Accounts for both the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Baptist Union Corporation.

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