Becoming Part of BUGB

Who can join?

Local churches are at the heart of what it means to be Baptist and all Baptist Churches are free to make their own decisions under God. However, from our earliest days, the importance of working together with other churches has been recognised. Indeed the New Testament makes it clear that Christians are called to live interdependently. Living in isolation is not an option. As Baptists we express our fellowship together at many different levels – regionally, nationally and internationally and this enormously enriches our life together.

Because of these core convictions we welcome all churches who are ‘Baptist’ in nature to join both their local regional Association and the Baptist Union of Great Britain – there will be a separate application process for joining your Association. We also welcome Local Ecumenical Partnerships who have the Baptist Union as one of their partner denominations.

To find out more Contact your local Association who will send someone to meet with the church to talk about membership. Applications for membership are considered twice a year by the Baptist Union Council which meets in March and November.