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Inter Faith Engagement 

We live and work in a multi-faith world. As Baptists we are called to make Jesus known, but we also have a deep-rooted value of the freedom of belief.  To this end, we seek to build good and meaningful relationships with people of other faiths and none, that together we may live in harmony and enrich one another.  Being situated in a multi-faith community can be very challenging for Baptist Churches.  

We, together with our Inter Faith Working Group, are seeking to help churches to:
  • encounter people of other faiths with respect
  • develop positive relationships with people of other faiths
  • encourage authentic dialogue
  • encourage real engagement and journeying together

This approach celebrates that which we have in common whilst recognising the uniqueness of Christ  and the salvation offered through him, and enables us to witness with integrity and respect.

This section of our website contains information to help you explore these issues.  Please use the links below, or on the right, to find out more

Easy First Steps…in meeting your neighbours of other faiths is an event open to anyone interested in discovering what we hold in common with our neighbours from across the faiths. More information here 
InterFaithWorkingGroup Inter Faith Working Group - aiming to develop positive relationships with people of other faiths and reflect theologically
InterFaithEngagement Background Information - about inter faith issues
InterFaithJourneys  Stories - Baptists engaging in inter faith relationships
InterFaithResources Resources - for use by individuals, small groups or whole churches
Facebook Facebook Group - Join the group and share your story.


ShareStoryButtonSharing your story

If you have a story to tell of how you and/or your church are engaging in Inter Faith relationships, please click the button on the right and get in touch with us.

Click here if you have questions or would like to contact our Inter Faith Working Group.
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