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The online newspaper of the Baptist Union of Great Britain
Northern Baptist College is seeking to appoint part-time Hub Tutor for one day per week for an initial 12 months.
Former police officer who trained as a minister and would later become a chaplain to the force
God calls each and every one of us - so if we put up barriers and exclude certain people whom God is calling, we are not doing God’s work. By Ruth Wilde
'A living testimony to his faith and his pastor’s heart always shone through'
There are many things that the world desperately needs. Another study of Romans is probably not among them, but I’ve written one anyway - here's why. By Steve Finamore
A gentle, caring and true man of faith, known for his sensitive pastoral ministry, his readiness to listen and encourage, and his insightful preaching
We are looking for someone to be a champion for safeguarding at trustee level
The Treasurer of Baptists Together is a vital governance role.
The BUGB Moderator will enable our vision for the future, support effective governance, and encourage, support, and inspire others.
Christian media pioneer Terence Ascott has seen an 'explosion of interest in Christianity' in the Middle East - and in a new book and tour the SAT-7 founder shares highlights of 50 years of impact
Mental health campaigner and author Hope Virgo shares the impact her eating disorder has had on her faith
Full or part-time with direct responsibility for engaging with beneficiaries and tenants
Throughout his life, David perceived more of what mattered and focused less on the obvious. Despite some poor choices, he oversaw a royal hand-over and was alive when Solomon took power. We too have an investment option that will stand the test of time
Corin Pilling introduces The Sanctuary Course, a new small-group resource designed to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and engage communities in meaningful conversations about mental health and faith
David persevered and developed several communication channels, managing to integrate reflective communication with God alongside more formal lines, writes Terry Young in the fourth blog of his leadership series
David often made decisions that mystified his advisors. How did he go about it - and what can we learn?
For David, loyalty was a difficult but essential practice. What lessons are there for Christian leaders or leaders in training?
'We wanted to strengthen the life of those called to serve the church as pastors, so they in turn might strengthen the discipleship of their fellow church members' Founding member Paul Goodliff on a decade of the Order for Baptist Ministry
'Peter was greatly gifted in ministry. His voice, intelligence, wisdom and humour enriched the life of many in the Baptist world and beyond. He loved his Lord and tried to follow and serve Him all his life'
What was different about two men who were so similar at the start - and how does this relate to us today? The first blog of a new series about leadership, by Terry Young. The five part series will examine aspects of David's life
How can we love one another in the face of profound disagreement? I believe we can find the resources or practices within our Baptist politics, writes Andy Goodliff, who is delivering the 2022 Whitley Lecture
Patriarchy is on the rise and the church needs to resist this, writes Michael Shaw - we need to be on the forefront of instigating a Kingdom of God that is not based on gender, race, or physical ability
'A caring, compassionate and simply incredible man... a man who truly had the essence of God working through him'
Closing the wound within; celebrating Easter; a Palm Sunday reflection
A reflection on Jesus’ dying word on the cross: “It is finished.” By Colin Sedgwick
We need to take time to remember, to grieve, to be thankful, to acknowledge the complex web of memories and feelings that the last two years have produced, writes Jeannie Kendall
'Who am I, if I feel I can no longer minister to others, empty as I am?' By Shaun Lambert
Kevan and Jill Sutton of Millmead, Guildford Baptist Church, present passages of Scripture from memory accompanied by viola improvisations. A new resource for your ministry?
Andrew Roberts explores the true meaning of the Palm Sunday exclamation, Hosanna!
How do you effectively reach people online? Graeme Spencer of Media Mentoring shares a way forward
And what you can do to support them. Joshua Searle on the "silent heroes" bringing light and hope to local communities throughout the whole of Eastern Ukraine
Wellbeing; a letter to Patriarch Kirill; new appointments in regional teams
Police strip-searching a 15 year old black school girl without an appropriate adult present is a further example of how society's norms need to be challenged - and the church needs to make its voice heard on this, writes Wale Hudson-Roberts
Pain-free, or painful? A discussion opener to assess how your ministry is going, using four categories of running. By William Wade
Chaplain Adrian Prior-Sankey offered these thoughts, at the request of the Council Chair, with members of Somerset West and Taunton District Council at the start of a recent meeting
A short reflection on the atrocity of the invasion of Ukraine. It's not intended as an all-embracing answer, just some thoughts about where God is in all of this... By Nick Lear
Janet was deeply involved in local church life, was in demand as a local preacher, served on Baptist Union and Association committees and had strong ecumenical sympathies
By Steph Bryant, co-author of 101 Great Big Questions about God and Science
The latest feature from Baptist Insurance
From Baptist minister the Revd Dr Keith Clements, former General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches
Job vacancies