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About Associations HEBADawley Baptist Church

  • A Home Mission grant enabled the the ministry of church member Tom Bowring to grow and have long-term benefits in Telford and beyond

Through his time with us at Dawley Baptist Church, Tom Bowring's sense of call to ministry grew.  The church recognised and affirmed that call, but also understood that we needed someone to partner with us financially to be able to enable Tom to be released into the process whilst managing the responsibilities of his young family too.  The grant from Home Mission was the answer to prayer needed to make it all happen. 

Dawley TomBowring 2Tom made a valuable contribution to our church life, especially amongst the youth and young families. But also he was enabled to provide encouragement and support to a number of other local Baptist churches and got involved with the chaplaincy at a local High School.

Dawley TomBowring 3What nobody anticipated was that the training process would involve leading during a global pandemic.  Tom used the IT skills he had developed during his time in the RAF to very quickly enable ministry to continue in the online environment. Other local church leaders approached us so that  during the first lockdown we were able to broadcast a single high quality worship service across six congregations. 

Dawley TomBowringIt might not have been the formation process he was expecting, but with thanks to the Home Mission Grant, Tom is now serving in an increasingly thriving congregation in Oakham.

The grant helped us in our mission in Telford, but will continue to enable the work of the Kingdom through Tom for many years to come.
Ian Olliver - Minister of Dawley Baptist Church
March 2022

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