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SWalesBACornerstone Church, Rhondda

  • A new church being launched in September 2017 is already reaching young people in the Rhondda Valley.

  • Working in partnership with Christian charity Sporting Marvels to disciple young people - and encouraged by three baptisms even before its official 'launch'.

  • Supported through the Mission through Ministry grant scheme, the church is aiming to grow as a diverse, multi-generational church for the unchurched.

Birthed out of seeing a need and having a heart for young people in the Rhondda Valley, Cornerstone Church Rhondda opens its doors in September 2017 with Home Mission supporting Baptist Minister John Hall via the Mission through Ministry grant scheme.
CornerstoneRhonddaYoungWorshipThe Rhondda Valley is home to approximately twenty ex-mining towns with a population of around 85,000. Known for its lack of employment opportunities and disengaged youth, the community (from the media’s portrayal) seems at a disadvantage. However, there is a vibrancy amongst Christians in the Valley and a heart to see young people flourish.
CornerstoneRhonddaJohnCornerstone is a result of two developing stories coming together. Sporting Marvels, a Christian charity, have been working in local schools in the Rhondda for a number of years and have seen God touch the lives of many young people. Initially they directed young people who were seeking or who had made a Christian commitment to already established local churches, however, the question of how to disciple young people and keep them committed to church persisted.
CornerstoneRhonddaJohnJaciJohn Hall is an experienced Baptist Minister who with his wife Jaci have a strong and deep sense of call to the Rhondda, and particularly have a heart for younger people.
Now John and Sporting Marvels have a vision to develop/grow a church starting with a complete focus on making disciples from un-churched backgrounds. The coming together of John’s and Sporting Marvels’ stories feels like a God given opportunity and the story of how it has come to be is a miraculous one - have a read of Sporting Marvels' Spotlight magazine (pages 8, 9 and 10)!
CornerstoneRhonddaYoungPeopleAfter applying for a Mission grant in spring, Cornerstone will formally launch in September.  A core group have been meeting for worship, prayer and preparation, and they have already seen the church nearly double in size in the weeks since John, Jaci and the family arrived, even before the doors have been properly opened. They've already seen God's favour in the form of salvation with over five teenagers having come to Christ.  Their vision is to live intentionally in missional ways.  A major part of its current connection into the community is through the relationship with Sporting Marvels, who have extensive and well-established community connections of many different sorts. Cornerstone also has connections with a local netball charity and sees sports of many sorts as key in developing relationships. The outreaches are already in place!
CornerstoneRhonddaAfrica2017The church’s long-term aim is to grow as a diverse, multi-generational church for the unchurched, perhaps through families of some of the young people with whom there is already relationship.
We are excited to see this vision materialise in the Rhondda Valley, please join us in praying for the building of God’s church in this area.
July 2017


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A new church being launched in September 2017 is already reaching young people in the Rhondda Valley
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