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Here for support

Here for Support

Sâde Popoola (aka Shadz) is a Black British-Nigerian freelance illustrator based in Milton Keynes and London.

Her work mainly aims to subtly convey her appreciation for Black/Nigerian history and culture as well as representing groups that are often under-represented within art.

‘Here For Support’ is the final poster in a five-part series aimed at confronting racism in the film and TV industries. The series was created during her final year at the University of Lincoln, where she graduated with a first class degree in Illustration in 2021, and attended Alive Church.

She says: “This poster aimed to highlight the lack of black actors in main roles, especially in romantic comedies. Often, they are seen in supporting roles where their character’s job is to support and aid the storyline of the white main character. The general visual concept I based this piece on was black people being a physical support for their white co-stars.”


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Sâde Popoola
is now looking for freelance and in-house opportunities.

For more visit www.shadzsart.com


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