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Something to Declare - new Baptist podcast  

Ministers Beth Allison-Glenny and David Mayne chat with some of the people who make them glad to be part of the Baptist movement

Declare LogoChatting over a drink one evening at Luther King House in Manchester, Baptist ministers Beth Allison-Glenny and David Mayne had an idea. As they got to know each other, and as they shared some of their joys and frustrations of Baptist life, they found themselves talking more and more about some of the people they knew who made them glad to be Baptists. From that conversation, the Something to Declare podcast was born.

The podcast works on the premise that there are lots of good stories to tell, and lots of gifted, courageous, encouraging people to hear from in our denomination. Each episode will feature an interview with someone from the Baptist world, followed by a reflection on the interview from Beth, our Union's Public Issues Enabler, and David, minister of Shoeburyness andThorpe Bay Baptist Church in Essex.

At the end of each interview each guest will be asked the same two questions:

  • If you have one thing to declare to the Union, what would it be?
  • If you think Baptists have one thing to declare to the world, what would it be?

Guests for Season 1 include Geoff Colmer, Jeannie Kendall, Jeniya Gwendu, and Myra Blyth.

An Episode 0 is already available, in which Beth and David chat to each other and explain more about the podcast. 

Recalling their conversation in Manchester, David said, 'We're both committed to our movement, but we both would share some frustrations. One of the things we encouraged each other on through that conversation was just how many fabulous people there are in our Baptist movement... wise, creative, kind, brilliant people.'

'So we came up with this notion,' Beth continued, 'What would happen if we share those stories? How could we give a platform and say this fantastic person over here - have you heard what they're doing, what they're about, what their heart is for?'


Subscribe to Something to Declare on itunes, Spotify or Podbean. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter for the latest updates and news. 

Baptist Times, 13/04/2021
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