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Prayers for our Time

A Prayer As I Put On My Mask
as I prepare to go into the world,
help me to see the sacrament
in the wearing of this cloth -
let it be ‘an outward sign
of an inward grace’ -
a tangible and visible way of living love for my neighbours, as I love myself.

since my lips will be covered,
uncover my heart,
that people would see my smile
in the crinkles around my eyes.
Since my voice may be muffled,
help me to speak clearly,
not only with my words,
but with my actions.

Holy Spirit,
As the elastic touches my ears,
remind me to listen carefully -
and full of care -
to all those I meet.
May this simple piece of cloth
be shield and banner,
and each breath that it holds,
be filled with your love.
In your Name and
in that love,
I pray.
May it be so.
May it be so.

Written by Richard Bott
Moderator of the United Church of Canada and shared under a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-commercial licence.

Permanent Present Tense

Save us, Lord, from living in a permanent present tense;
With our constant rushing from one deadline to the next,
Not living for each moment so much as just about surviving it.

Forgive us for when we dismiss too quickly what has gone before;
For when our preoccupation with the now,
And our eagerness for what is next,
Blind us to the significance of what you have already done.

You are helping us to see...
The past is a gift:
A great and precious library of case studies to be explored, learned from and built on.

And you, you are the knowledgeable librarian, showing us where to look and helping us to understand,
Training us in this art of Holy Remembering.
For what we learned yesterday is the compass to navigate tomorrow
And it is in celebrating the past that we awaken the future

Written by Amanda Pink
Baptist Minister and Team Chaplain at Milton Keynes University Hospital
Taken from Gathering up the Crumbs

Loving God
When we are weary, give us fresh energy;
When we are sleepy, give us rest;
When we are frustrated, give us calmness;
When we are sad, give us comfort;
When we are disappointed, give us hope;
When we are happy, rejoice with us;
When we are hopeful, give us the courage to share;
In everything, turn us back to focus on you,
The One who has given us all things
through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Saviour.

Written by Stephen Smith
Minister of Greenfield Church, Urmston, Manchester
A Blessing

May you see opportunities to bring hope, healing and peace where others do not.
May you have the courage to speak up for those that get overlooked.
May you be aware of God’s spirit at work in the words you speak, the safe spaces you create and the relationships that you build.
You are loved by God, may those that you encounter know that they are loved too.

Written by Clare Hooper
Regional Minister with the Southern Counties Baptist Association
Taken from Gathering up the Crumbs


This article was first published in the Spring 2021 edition of Baptists Together magazine. Click here to download a pdf version of these prayers.

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