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Palm Sunday procession in Alvechurch 

Hosanna! The four churches in Alvechurch Worcestershire collaborated to bring a Palm Sunday procession with two donkeys to the village centre 

Alvechurch Palm Sunday4

The Revd Fiona Lee – the Baptist church minister – led a short act of worship, singing and prayer in the Square, with the Alvechurch Community Choir and musicians providing songs and harmonies. More than a hundred village folk joined the procession with palm-branches, and took part in the time-together in the Square.

Tim Reading took the part of Jesus and many other volunteers helped to organise and prepare the event. The Lounge – a Community coffee-shop – provided refreshments and facilities for those attending.

Donkey-rides for village children were enjoyed afterwards.

Alvechurch Palm Sunday
Alvechurch Palm Sunday2

Baptist Times, 15/04/2019
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