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"Loving those who have nobody else to love them"


Hi everyone! It seems as if time has literally flown by but here is another update for you all. I am in Ochio Rios for my last part of the journey here in Jamaica I arrived safely yesterday. I am trying to rest up though as I am recovering from the flu. I look forward to all that Ochio Rios has to offer and all that I get to offer to the church circuit and the community.

Although I am sad to have left Kingston, I have left with everyone in my heart and I am grateful for all the love I was able to give and receive. Here are some of the highlights of my time so far:

Assisting with the disabilities class at YMCA (Young Men Christian Association) really helped me to know that the work I do back home Is not only important but valuable!!! Its also something I truly am passionate about and called to do. Also a visit to Jacob's Well (a home for Jamaica's most vulnerable women... All with some disability whether physical or mental or both.) This was a very moving and enlightening experience; it really cemented for me, what I really understand being a Christian to be about. It is about serving and blessing those who have been rejected. Loving those who have nobody else to love them. Now of course there is more to Christianity, but this is the one thing I can say makes full sense to me. It is something I feel deep inside, and something that I was given a heart for.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2055
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2054
Overall though I have had a wealth of experiences and been to various places uptown, dowtown... Seen the rich the poor, the Beautiful and the not so attractive. I have also experienced Jamaica's social side and seen that they have so much talent!!!!! As a woman of Jamaican Heritage I knew this already but to experience it first hand was truly a beautiful thing!! we are intelligent!! we are vibrant!! We are gifted!! We are fearfully and wonderfully made!! I have always and will always be proud to be Jamaican!! So to conclude, I challenge you to explore your identity/heritage and see what it can teach you. If possible go to that country or seek raw and authentic links to your identity/heritage. Although like anywhere, Jamaica isn't perfect... I am grateful to have experienced it for myself because the image they paint in the media and in general is nothing like the real thing. I also encourage you to embrace somebody else and their identity/heritage. We are all one in Christ let us share and love eachother for our differences, similarities, perfections and flaws.

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So until next time, Peace and Love, Dion-Marie White xx

Please contact Wale Hudson-Roberts to find out more
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Today marks the official first day of my journey. I am feeling well equipped for my departure today, having had a wonderful time at church with my friends and family at the weekend.
Hi Everyone, This is my 11th day in Jamaica (27/01/17). It is taking me a while to adjust to my new environment however during this time I have made some great contacts. I am staying at the United Theological College of the West Indies.
Hi again!! This Monday will mark my 3rd week here in Kingston Jamaica. I am amazed at how, even in such a short period of time, I have had much to reflect on and be grateful for.
Hi everyone! I know it has been a while since the last update but I am very pleased to be sharing more of my journey here in Jamaica with you all. The first thing I am sure some of you are already aware of is the work I have been doing with women
Hi all, It has been a busy and reflective past two weeks and couple of days. It is also my 3rd month here in Jamaica so I am half way through this amazing experience.
Hi Everyone! Hope you are well I know it has been a while. So since the last time I sent an update God has really challenged me to "Be still and know that he is God".