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"What next?"


Hi my lovely friends and family, My time in Jamaica is coming to a close and so I have found myself considering "What next?". In between working with the churches and working at the Women's Centre, I have had time to reflect on my purpose and calling. I have had time to look back on everything that I have done in the last 5 months and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses.

To really search deeper for what it is I want to do in the future. Although I am still not 100% sure what it is specifically, I am sure it is somewhat of a missionary. Yes my faith plays a large part in why I want to help others, but I don't want to just preach and save souls. I want to serve and to love others simply because Jesus loves me. Of course I would love people to become Christians, but I want my interactions with others to be about unity and Sisterhood/Brotherhood first. To show others that we are all the same, the only difference is our circumstance. One thing I have realised personally is that I only want to love and be loved. I know I am loved by God and my friends and family but not everyone has that privilege. Therefore somebody needs to show others and share with them that love; so that they can receive it and go on to truly love others. Now this may sound too idealistic and somewhat of a Fairytale. However having experienced what I have so far and trusting I can and will experience much more... I know first hand life isn't sweet roses. I expect the journey to love others to be hard. To be emotionally draining, physically straining, spiritually testing, mentally challenging... But it will be worth it.

I always knew from a young age (I am 22 now) so from when I was in single digits... That I was born to stand out. The only thing was I stood more in the shadows hiding and in the corners crying. I never want or wanted to stand out in the sense of being centre stage or in the spotlight. However I have learnt that when you stand up and say "I want to make a difference"! People expect to hear about, see and feel that difference. This does come with some degree of attention and spotlight but its not for or about me. It's really about how God has nurtured and used me. So in that regard the spotlight is really on him and the lives changed through my interactions with others. So as I spend my final month here in Jamaica, I will be sure to start looking ahead to how I can serve God's people in the places others might not be so willing to go. My mission is to be of service with my entire mind body and soul.

May my mind be for the lost, May my ears be for the deaf, May my eyes be for the blind, May my hands and feet be for the less abled, May my voice be for the voiceless, May my heart be for the heartless and may my presence be of comfort. I challenge you all today no matter how old or young you are to ask yourself "What is my purpose?" and to see if you are living it and if not to do something about it. If you do not know, I suggest changing your environment for a few days/weeks/months if necessary. Really give yourself time to explore and engage in different experiences; to discover who you are in this world. Until next time, I leave you with these words from Marianne Williamson: (See attached image) Peace and Love, Dion-Marie White x


Please contact Wale Hudson-Roberts to find out more
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