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Cosham church ‘twins’ its loos 

Cosham Baptist Church, Portsmouth has now completed a project to twin all of its 14 toilets with latrines and toilets in poor communities

CoshamIndividual church members and its organisations, including its club for the elderly and ‘Music Makers’, for pre-school children, have been involved. 

The idea is to twin a toilet, by contributing about £60 to Toilet Twinning which is providing latrines and hygiene and sanitation training in poorer countries.    

All the church’s toilets are now twinned with latrines in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Each one is recognised by a photograph and small plaque describing the twinned facility which is displayed in each toilet.

Minister the Revd Simon Ford (pictured) said, ‘It is great for everyone in the church to be involved in this practical initiative by contributing to the improvement of life chances and conditions for many who are so much less privileged than we are. 

'We are also pleased that those who visit our building can have the opportunity to think about how fortunate we are to have such good facilities to use, particularly in comparison with so many other places.’

For more about Toilet Twinning visit www.toilettwinning.org.

Baptist Times, 27/02/2017
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