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Criticism over Dubs closure

Charities speak out over the Government's decision to scrap the Dubs scheme for unaccompanied asylum seeking children to Britain 

The Dubs amendment was passed in May 2016 at the height of the European refugee crisis to ensure that 3,000 lone children were given protection in the UK. However on Wednesday the Government announced the scheme will close after relocating 350 children.

Christian Aid issued a statement 'condemning' the decision.

Tom Viita, Head of Advocacy, said, ‘Protecting people fleeing their homes is no one country’s responsibility – it demands global cooperation. Today’s announcement is not only a broken promise to vulnerable children, but a rejection of our international responsibilities.
‘After Trump’s refugee ban in recent weeks, it is shocking to see the UK sending out another deeply worrying message to the rest of the world. Theresa May and her government need to be pulling Trump up, rather than following him downwards.
‘The international community, the UK included, needs to find a fair way of sharing responsibility for people forcibly displaced from their homes. We are experiencing global displacement on a level not seen since the Second World War. Poor countries are hosting most people in dire need and here we are once again, one of the richest countries in the world, attempting to shirk responsibility.’

Citizens UK quickly set up a petition in an attempt to keep the scheme alive. It stated, 'Our country has a proud tradition of welcoming those most in need. We stepped up to rescue 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi persecution.

'Lord Alf Dubs himself arrived in the UK by the Kindertransport. Now more than ever we must stand by our values. Thousands of children we promised to help are still in danger.

'Britain is better than this. Sign to keep the Dubs Scheme alive.'

Sign the petition here: http://www.citizensuk.org/dubs_petition

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Baptist Times, 08/02/2017
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